What Am I Reading?: September 2020

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Surrender Your Sons by Adam Sass

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Marketed as a queer Lord of the Flies, Surrender Your Sons is one of the most anticipated LGBTQ+ books of the year.

When Connor Major comes out to his mother, he’s shipped off to a conversion camp on a deserted island. Conner quickly decides to bail out the other teens in the camp while taking the place down. This book is scary, funny, depressing, and everything in between.

I’ve been following this book since it was announced, and I’m excited it’ll finally be in the hands of people.

You can buy this book on September 15th or pre-order here now!

Rep: gay author, LGBTQ+ teens.

The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

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The second book in The Eldest Curses series, this is one of my highest anticipated books of the year.

Set three years after the first book, Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are doing well. They’re living together in New York with their son Max and it seems as if everything is going their way.

But when someone breaks into the apartment and steals The Lost Book of the White from underneath Magnus’s nose, they’re once again whisked away to Shanghai to try to save the World.

You can buy this book on September 1st or pre-order here now!

Rep: gay main character, bisexual main character, Asian main character, Asian author.

The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes

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The third and final book in the Storm Runner series, J.C. Cervantes’s new novel is expected to have more action than ever.

Zane Obispo, son of the Maya god of storms Hurakan, has been through a lot. He’s fought demons, monsters, and a whole swarm of villains. Now, he’s just ready to settle down and train at the Shaman Institute for Higher Order Magic. But when the Maya gods go missing, Zane and his friends will have to embark on their final mission.

This series is chock-full of Maya gods and mythology, which is all so interesting and educational. When I started reading this series years ago, I fell in love with the characters, and I’m excited to see where they’ll end up in this final installment.

You can buy this book on September 1st or pre-order here now!

Rep: maya/latinix teens, latina author, disabled main character.

Iron Heart by Nina Varela

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Iron Heart is the second book in Nina Varela’s series about love, pain, and politics.

Picking up where the firs book left off, Ayla has fled the kingdom of Rabu. She’s pledged her loyalty to Queen Junn in order to have a chance at taking down the oppression at the heart of Rabu. Her heart, however, still longs for Crier. And unbeknownst to her, Crier has left the country same as her. When their paths cross again, will they be able to take down the Iron Heart?

When the first book came out last year, I was surprised at how much I loved it. Even a year later, I’m still thinking about the characters Nina Varela wrote so well. I’m super excited to pick this book up and see just how much trouble these two can get in again.

You can buy this book on September 1st or pre-order here now!

Rep: PoC main characters, PoC author, wlw main couple, LGBTQ+ author, LGBTQ+ fantasy.

Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

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After a three-year break, the Printz Award-wining author Nina LaCour is back with another emotional kick to the gut. Nina LaCour has been one of my favorite authors for a long time; she can take a scene about a character alone in a room and make it something you want to read over and over again.

Just graduated, Mila is offered a job teaching in Northern California. But when her past comes to haunt her, her memories begin to resurface in a way she never expected.

You can buy this book on September 15th or pre-order here now!

Rep: bisexual main character, LGBTQ+ author.

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone

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The long-awaited sequel to Nic Stone’s bestseller Dear Martin is finally here!

In contrast to the first book’s police brutality, this book takes a look into America’s juvenile justice system. Justyce and Quan grew up in the same neighborhood, but ended up in different places. For Justyce, Yale University, for Quan: Fulton Regional Youth Detention Center. Through flashbacks and letters, Quan’s story is told. What happens when a kid is wrongly charged with murder?

I’ve been waiting for this book ever since Dear Martin came out and I’m so happy it’s finally on the shelves and in people’s hands.

You can buy this book on September 29th or pre-order here now!

Rep: black main character, black author, juvenile detention.

One thought on “What Am I Reading?: September 2020

  1. Hi Abbott! As someone who is not an avid reader and not particularly familiar with LGBT issues, reading your blog has been an interesting experience. Seeing how many titles are coming out just in the month of September gave me a new perspective on what I had always assumed was a niche market. Do you have any book recommendations for someone new and familiar to the topic? Keep up the good work!


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